The View From My Runs

A Collection Of Past and Previous Photos Taken During My Training Runs

One of the many benefits of running is the views you take in on the various courses and paths you run. I always have my iPhone with me when I run: in case of emergency, I use several running APPS, music and to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. I’m also a fan of posting these pictures on Facebook and letting people know I went for a run.

Whenever you post something like this to Facebook or any other social media format you are subject to praise and criticism. For every one person who said something smart about me posting my runs five people would give me positive feedback. I had several friends tell me that because of all my running posts they, too, were inspired and laced up their sneakers and, in some cases, sign up for a 5k! A few of my friends simply stated that they loved when I posted the view from this evening’s run photos and that is what somewhat inspired me to do this blog.

I would like to give credit to my friends Frank & Missy who run a great website and mobile app called A View From My Seat. You basically upload a picture from your seat at a concert or sporting event and other can see what a purchased ticket seat would look like in that venue. It’s a great app that is getting a lot of recognition so check it out here! So enjoy these pictures from various runs that I’ve done over the past year. I promise there will be more to come and other photo galleries from the view from my runs!


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