My Journey To 26.2 Begins Now

Week 1 : Full Marathon Training

I started this blog over a year ago to track and journal my running experiences, from training miles to races and all questions, concerns and topics that are par for the course. It’s been 8 months since I last posted, and while I do promise to follow-up with an update on what I’ve done these last 8 months for now I’m here to tell you all that I have signed up for my first full marathon this November. Many of my friends would tell me to sign up for a full but i never felt inclined to do so. Back in the fall, I missed the early sign up for the Space Coast Half Marathon in Cocoa Beach, Florida. I did this race last year and loved it! I felt a want to do this year’s race because the space shuttle themed in this year’s race is the Challenger. I remember vividly when that event happened,so, in a way, I’d be running for the 7 astronauts that lost their lives in that mission.

I sent an email to the race organizers,pleading with them to let me in. There answer was, “We are sorry but all slots for the half marathon are filled. We still have plenty of room for the full marathon.” That was all I needed to hear. This was the light bulb over my head that made me sign up for the full. It’s funny how something like that is what makes you decide on taking on something crazy like running 26.2 miles. I am now “committed” in more ways than one. I am using Hal Higdon’s training program. It is an 18 week program that has me running 4 days a week.

So far, this year I ran 2 half marathons and The Broad Street Run. After my last race, I took two weeks off to rest and recover and started to run 2-3 days a week. I found a new running partner, Erin. Her pace is the same as mine and she has taught me a valuable lesson in running, which is to run your pace. I thought my 5K pace would be my normal pace, but I found myself burning out at the end of all my races. My legs would freeze up on me and I would walk most of the last few miles of a race. I’m interested in seeing how I fair on long runs with her since that’s when I usually run out of steam. Erin is also doing her first full marathon in Chicago, almost a month before mine in Florida.

My pre-training also had me testing any food intolerance. I used to take prescription medicine for heartburn but was able to kick that my balancing my body’s Ph. A friend helped me to identify what high alkaline foods are and add a proper balance to what i was eating. 3 weeks before this training began I did a cleanse, or diet, if you prefer to call it that. It’s the Virgin Diet by JJ Virgin. For three weeks you cut out gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, corn, peanuts, and processed sugar. This might seem hard to some but as a guy who loves his food, I feel great! My heartburn is gone. 2 cups of coffee in the morning will kick it up but nowhere near the level it once was. I have renewed energy. I don’t feel bloated, I don’t burp and fart as much (for those of you who know me you can pick yourself up off the floor now from disbelief) and I lost 16 pounds. The idea is that after the 3 week period you introduce some of these foods to see how or if you react to them. By not eating these 7 food types I can say that I have never felt such a happy full. I might miss my eggs and I’ll have to allow a good Ph balance for my craft beer.

So if you are following along, I promise to keep posting on how each week’s trainings are going and what i learn and see along the way. I am excited about taking on a 26.2 mile journey, but I am also scared. There’s a lot of work to do. These next 18 weeks will be challenging but I will conquer my mission. I will also post on the races I did earlier this year and, as most of you know, I have plenty of pictures from all of these runs.

And now,

The View From My Runs : Marathon Training






4 responses to “My Journey To 26.2 Begins Now

    • Yes, it is! I’m excited and scared but I’m already preparing myself for this journey. Good to hear from you, Nora and I’m glad to see you’re back on your feet running!

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