Last Long Run Before the Race

Sunday Funday RUNDAY!

Today I laced up, hit the roads, then hit the trails and completed a 12 mile run with my half marathon a week away. What a long, crazy winter it has been. Philadelphia has been a frozen tundra for most of January – March. Subzero temperatures, record snowfall and whipping winds have plagued this area non stop delivering one punch after the other. It’s my fault for not getting out there more often but I did it in strides and I did what I could. I knew I would HAVE to get out there and run 11-12 miles today. It is a test of how I would handle 13.1 miles next Sunday. How and where was I going to run 12 miles? The answer came in the form of a message from a fellow workout friend of mine :

“Ashley and I are going to meet at the Wissahickon Trail and run. You should join us!”

I quickly went to and started making a map: from my apartment to the Art Museum, to Kelly Drive, past the Falls Bridge to Ridge Avenue would be 7-8 miles. If I ran 3-5 miles with them I’d be golden to get my 12 miles in and get a ride home. The day before had me and my wife and brother driving from Philly to Rehoboth Beach to surprise my dad for his 75th birthday. It was a great time and we came back the same night. I was very tired but got up with an hour and a half to spare before leaving on my run. I made a green drink, made some kale chips and got my gear ready. Yesterday’s weather was perfect for a run but today is much cooler. I left sharply at 10 am and headed towards the Art Museum.

I’m trying something new as far as music goes when running: classical music. That may sound odd but it really helps me, especially for longer mileage. A good rock song can get my heart rate pumping but I think it’s smart to reserve that for longer runs. Beethoven and Mozart have been on my mix when I need to just zone out and run.

I met the Ashley, Judith and Megan in Ashley’s car at Ridge Avenue. I was picturing us going on the trail head where I met them but I got in the car and we drove a few miles to Village Green. Village Green is this beautiful Inn / restaurant along the Wissahickon Trail. We parked there and headed out to run 4.5 miles of trails. It was beautiful and we stopped a few places to take pictures. We also had to tread slowly over some slippery and step rocks but we made it. Our first 2 plus miles were all trail and very intense and picturesque. The last 2 miles were on a gravel, wide road. I was doing great until my 11th mile when this hill was there to greet me. I half shuffled up and then power walked it. I was finished, and not just physically, my quads were light up and I was getting cramps in my calves so I walked it off.

Ashley and Megan were far ahead of us and Judith and I ran together. (more like she waited for me after that hill) The great part about all of this is we will all be running the Broad Street Run together! My friend that I ran it with last year is not running it so I’m lucky to have a few buddies to keep pace with. As far as next week’s half goes: I know I could have trained better, my weight is still up from my last half, but I will do this race. I will cross that finish line.






3 responses to “Last Long Run Before the Race

  1. Great job! I dint know why but Classical music seems to be my choice lately as well! I’ve tried my regular playlists but I keep going back to the classical, don’t know what it is!

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