Getting Back On Track

4 Weeks Ago I Started My 12 Week Training For An Upcoming Half Marathon

I started strong. I started my first run at 5 am in -6 degree weather. I went out the next day and did speed drills and the 3rd day I did a slow run. The rest of the week I coughed like a smoker due to the frigid air in my lungs, but I persisted. I did a 5 mile run the first weekend, a 6 mile run the following. Everything  seemed in place for a successful training.  I was running 5 days a week, mixing up my runs, adding stretch and strength training and feeling the love, which is appropriate since my next race is called the Philly LOVE Run. The view from my runs looked like this:

And then this happened, again, and again, and again:

walking home in snow

walking home in snow


I love the snow. I love cold weather. You will never hear my complain about winter weather. I want colossal amounts of snow to fall on my city. and it did. Not only did it snow a foot and a half but the temperatures stayed below freezing for the rest of the week. I missed all of my runs that week, but did get in 2 strength classes and a good cardio session with some kettle bells. Luckily my schedule called for a 5K race so I didn’t miss too much. My wife and I were having fun in the snow and getting use of our fireplaces and electric blankets.

I'm still a kid when it comes to snow

I’m still a kid when it comes to snow

Losing one week was not going to be an issue, especially in the 3rd week of training. I was going to bounce back. Then, my sinuses decided to close up on me all week. It wasn’t the kind of sick that kept me from going to work but enough to make things miserable. I ran before when I was ill but not being able to breathe is another story. So while I still made 2 classes to get a mix of cardio and strength, I still did not run. Saturday I started feeling better so I set out for a 4 mile warm up run. I originally set out to do 3 miles but I was feeling great and went for 4. Sunday I kept to my schedule and did 7 miles. OK, it was more like 6.7 miles bit considering I hadn’t really run in almost 2 weeks it was a success. I ran (not literally) into my cousin while running. He was on his bike.

My pace was slow for both runs but I expected that. I stopped 3 or 4 times on my long run but I needed to do that to complete my mileage. I did not get upset with my pace or my stopping. This was to be expected and I have a little more than 8 weeks left to pick up and continue my training. I know it’s acceptable to miss a day or two from your schedule but I was getting uncomfortable missing two weeks. Luckily it’s early in the training so here’s to hoping there are no more road blocks in my way!




5 responses to “Getting Back On Track

  1. Glad to hear you’re still training even with all these obstacles! The snow is pretty, though I’ve never run when it’s below 0, or probably even below 20. That’s dedication!

  2. Good work Matt! Your YakTraks have been helpful in the winter weather and hopeful will help you the next few days in Philly (we are getting blasted with more of those winter sprinkles as I type this). Keep running & writing!

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