Dedication Or Insanity?

Today Is The First day of Training

And the below zero temperatures were not about to stop me from getting in my 3 mile run. On march 31st I will be running a new half marathon called The Philly Love Run. I am using Hal Higdon’s Intermediate program since this will be my 4th half and I would really like to PR and at least improve my running and health in the next 3 months. First I will need to work off that holiday ham! I was thankful to have the month of December off from running and to rest and recover but I’m excited to be back in training and as the days and weeks pass the discipline will become more strict.

I awoke at 6 am, where my phone read the temperature at 5 degrees. The wind was howling so I knew the wind chill was well below zero. I made sure to be extremely prepared for this run. I laid out all my clothes last night. I purchased some new sneakers to use on shorter runs that are Gortex. They are a bit more minimal than my normal Brookes but the Brookes breathe too well for this cold. I even got these “shoe chains” called YakTrak that slip on over the soles of your shoes to give you more traction in snow and ice. The pavements were dry but I put them on just in case. Every part of my body was covered except my eyes. I have this awesome Under Armour ski mask that wicks away moisture and covers your entire head, face and mouth, except the eyes. I had my tights on and a pair of winter workout pants, a short-sleeved wicker shirt, an UA Coldgear shirt and my super warm US Coldgear, light weight, bright yellow jacket.

On the way back my phone died. Didn’t matter because I was mainly interested in having music to pump me up. I also had to lower my face mask to breathe better. I don’t know what my pace was but I could feel I was running faster than I normally would. I also felt the need to keep moving and get back home to warm up! Coming back I was facing east so there was this picture perfect, beautiful sky that went from black to dark blue to light blue to orange at the horizon. If my phone had not bit the dust I would post a picture but for now it’ll be etched in my memory.

If my training called for anything more than 5 miles in weather like today I may have rescheduled. I knew I would be back in 30 minutes and was properly layered and hydrated. Be safe and be careful out there if you are training in this weather.



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