“I Got This!” – Last Race of the Year 13.1

The last race that I will run this year is tomorrow.

It’s the Space Coast Marathon at Cocoa Beach, Florida. I am dong the half marathon, which starts at 6 am. I already ran a half marathon, a 7 mile trail run, a 10k, all within a month of each other, the half and 10k being a week apart. So my training is in. I have since had a massage, and did three long runs. Two weeks ago I managed to get a head cold and missed a few weekly runs but not the long run. This past week, which had me doing two days at 2 miles and one day at 4 was a wash, literally, thanks to freezing rain and just getting better.

When I got to Florida I made sure to do a 2.5 mile run to acclimate to the climate change.


I have taken a bit of a relaxed attitude and not stressing over this one. Now, with less than 12 hours until the start, I have that natural, nervous jitter. But I got this! Besides, the course is listed as a “fast” course with a total elevation change of 20 feet above sea level, to 40 feet above sea level. Oh man!

Finding GU chewables in this town is like asking for free gold. I did manage to get the Cliff chewables which I have had before so I’m good. I got this! My brother,Tim and my sister-in-law, Hollie have been super kind and hospitable to me. Had a healthy dinner of sweet potato, broccoli and leftover turkey. I made a side salad and some kale chips to boost my alkaline. My race will be over and I’ll be back at the place by 10am, where I will immediately jump in the pool, crack open an IPA and celebrate the end of a successful year of training and racing. Just in time for the Christmas season!



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