The View From My Run – Fall Edition

Getting Back On The Saddle

In my recent post I bragged about how I ran 6 miles fighting some type of cold and how much better it made me feel. I even bragged to my boss that Monday about how all the hung over people called out and here I am, fighting a cold and still showing up for work. I must have forgotten to knock on wood because come Tuesday I was out of commission. Any chance of me running that week was out of the question. I would like to think I could be tough and just cut back my mileage but the thought of even doing 3 miles with my sinuses blocked seemed mute.

I thought it wise to skip the long run, even though I planned on doing it scaled back. the Philly Marathon was set up and blocking my route. It figures, I run non-stop all year round and the one day that tens of thousands of people flock to my city to race, I’m out of commission. I decided it best to not let any of this get to me and I picked right back up this week. My sinuses have cleared and my body aches gone so it’s like I never missed a beat. The one thing I haven’t been doing is getting up early to run so I use my lunch break to get my miles in.

My plan has me doing 4 easy miles on Monday; 4 on Tuesday with 2 at HMP; 4 easy on Wednesday and 6 easy today (Thursday). For my 4 mile runs I made myself a nice little route that takes me under the Ben Franklin Bridge at Race Street Pier. From there I shoot up Delaware Ave. and I turn around at Yards Brewery. One of these days, in december when I’m not training, I’m going to run the 2 miles to Yards and stop in for one (maybe 2) fresh pints on draught.

Saturday I set out to run 11 miles in the hopes of getting over that 9-10 mile hump or WALL that I hit around that point. I’m really finding it helps my runs to NOT be constantly looking at my GPS, which is a phone. I still carry the phone for music and picture-taking but it stays in my pocket. Speaking of, here’s a sample of the shots I took all this week. It’s all in the same area, which is a killer view. Until next week, enjoy the view!



On a last note, congratulations to my friend Steve Carlucci for running the Philadelphia Marathon. Last year he and my cousin,Hallie both ran it but this year just Steve.

Here’s the happy couple enjoying some well deserved post race libation



4 responses to “The View From My Run – Fall Edition

  1. Yay. You r back to feeling better. Just to give you some inspiration…. One of the ladies in my water class ran the Phil marathon. Her first full marathon. She is 60 …… AND…… Is a breast cancer survivor. We are sooooo proud of her. She finished just under 6 hours

    See U soon. Yay

    Love Mom Sent from my iPad


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