The Week Before Taper Week :Home Stretch

A Week In Review / View from My Run

In  the last blog I posted I mentioned how I lost the mental battle during a 9 mile run. After a full day of recovery I went back out for a run with the confidence that i would bounce back in my stride and I did. I took my lunch break by dressing in my running clothes and heading out to the Ben Franklin Bridge. I ran 4 miles non-stop. I was in great spirits, the weather was perfect and the tunes were pumping through my ears. It was payback time for my last effort and I was covering a lot of good ground.

For anyone who has ever run the foot path on the Ben Franklin Bridge, you know that the uphill part coming back from Camden is much steeper than the Philly side. I call this my personal heartbreak hill. When I started running I would turn around to not have to face this hill. Even in recent runs I find myself walking a bit or running slowly up it. This time was different. As I turned around to head “heartbreak” Pink Floyd’s live version of “Run Like Hell” came on. And that is exactly what I did! For the first time I didn’t feel winded or defeated by this hill. I was getting a bit fatigued near the top but I pushed through, knowing I was about to plateau and then have a sweet downhill ahead of me. My confidence was back. The following day I did a shorter 3 mile run (2.7) along the Race Street Pier, down Penn’s Landing and back to the office. I really love that I can take my lunch break by running near all these beautiful landmarks! Due to the nor’easter I only ran those 2 days but I did get in 2 really sweet kettle bell workouts with Sgt. Nate.

Sunday I was due to run with Katrina at 1pm and do 9-10 miles. Around 11:30am I got the dreaded text. Due to her IT band being sore she was going to rest it and do yoga instead. She made the right decision but we are both worried since she is running the half marathon with me in less than 2 weeks. I had the nervousness before this long run like I do before any race. I ate, hydrated and got my gear on and ready to go. It’s a little over a mile from my front door to the foot of the Art Museum so I ran that. I was feeling good and kept my pace in reserve for I had a full 9 miles ahead of me. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. The sun was out, and there was a nice breeze in the air. This is also the start of my final week before taper week so the stress is pn and it’s time to get those miles in!

Before I knew it I had already run 3 miles. My headphones were pumping and life seemed good. Around mile 4-5 I started feeling sluggish but I knew it would pass and I would get my 2nd wind. I chewed on half of a GU and pushed onwards. As I was about to cross the Falls Bridge I stopped for a moment. I figure in races you stop for water so there’s no harm in resting at the side of the road. I decided it was time to pick up the pace. I may have run the same pace but my effort felt greater. I decided I really need to stop checking my watch constantly. Before I knew it I was near Boathouse Row, which is a sign that the run is over!

My Garmin watch tells me my pace was 11:15. I’m not sure who to believe these days. My watch tells me I’m slow and my Strava app tells me I’m fast! Maybe next week I’ll just use Strava for a good confidence builder!

Today I did a 3 mile run along the pier at what I’m told was a similar pace as my long run even though I felt like I was running much faster today. One of these days I’m going to ditch any GPS device and just go run!!!!


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