That Odd Feeling That’s Not Quite A Rut

A Week In Review / View From My Runs

It’s a month away from my next race which will be a nice 13.1 mile, half marathon. The last of my liberties are being enjoyed now and the phase of “Sober October” is about to kick in. 2 weeks ago I hit a peak of 25 miles per week ran. I am now back to 13. All things considered, last week was a recovery week from the 6.5 mile trail run but it’s getting back into the swing of things that feels odd. Some days my pace is killer! On those shorter 2 mile runs I can tear it up. On those 4 mile runs I can feel myself fading after 2.5 miles. I often lose the mental battle thinking, “Maybe I was only made for a 5k.” There is something superstitious about all of this in that when I struggle mentally with my training I do well in the race. Why is that?

Last thursday I ventured out for a 4 mile run over the Ben Franklin Bridge. My pace was slow but maybe it should have been. My rear quads and glutes are still alive with the sound of running so I made sure to run an easy pace. My average pace was an 11:14, which is not my best but certainly a good recovery pace for a course that has 2 major inclines on them. The weather was perfect for the run with not a single cloud in the sky and a nice breeze. it felt like summer. Friday I ran 3 miles with Katrina at Penn’s Landing and the Race Street Pier. My pace was a 10:10 and I felt good. I also felt like another mile and I would die…or not hold my pace. Saturday I met on old friend,Jim, for a coillege reunion. It has been 20 years since I saw Jim. he told me that he started running thanks to me and my social media posts. So we decided to run together. Our 3 mile run became a 1.75 mile run followed by a 1.75 mile walk. At least we got to run up the Art Museum steps and do our Rocky pose.

Sunday was suppose to be our long run but we both were feeling beat. We were ahead of schedule with our training so it was OK to have a taper day. Monday and Tuesday I did Rangers and ran a mile in each class. My pace was fast and even though it was only a mile they were both STRONG miles. I took Wednesday off from the noon workouts and ran the bridge again for 4 miles, and for another 11:14 pace. I need to continue running the bridge. It’s hills will make me stronger and faster. i can’t worry about being a minute slower when I am running 2 inclines. Wednesday night I met with Katrina and a group of local runners from Phiuladelphia Runner and Fishtown Beer Runners.we met at the top of the Reading Viaduct, an ongoing project of the city in which the idea is to make it a skyline walkway. It’s gorgeous up there and I really hope the city can one day make this happen. I am including pictures of the view from up there.

I was asked by my neighbor to join the Fishtown Beer Runners as they would be ending their tour at Llama Tooth which is next door to where I live and the business my neighbor owns. So Thursday found me doing a bit of a double dip. I ran at noon for 2.5 miles. According to my Garmin watch, who hates me, I ran almost a 12 minute mile pace. I am convinced that my Strava app is telling em I’m going faster than I am and my Garmin watch is telling me I’m slow. This is training so I have to try to not let it beat me mentally. But the second half of my run was a 2.7 mile run from a Fishtown location to Llama Tooth. I bought myself a FBR shirt and am in love with this group. I might save their story for another post.

This weekend I must prepare for a 9 mile run. I am scared and frightened but I will succeed. If my pace is slow I have to remind myself this is practice!


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