Dedicate A Mile

Great Advice On Surviving A Long Race

As the weeks grow closer to my next big race, a half marathon, my preparations increase, my miles get longer, my food choices wiser and my nerves more fried. This week I am recovering from an intense 6.5 mile trail run, enjoying a little food and beverage liberties and then it’s back on the training saddle. I’m not stressing about not having run any mileage since Sunday as I’ve done 2 cross training days and did a small amount of running to loosen up the muscles.

This morning I read an email that I get from One of the articles was on tips to run strong for your first marathon. I’m not running a full marathon but I figured why not read it. There is a good amount of useful advice in this article and you can read the article HERE. One of the bits of advice they give is to dedicate miles to a person, animal, charity, or even a fictional character to help you get over the slump. I love this idea and am going to use it in my next race of 13.1 miles.

I might section off the first 6 miles into two since those miles are easy to run. I already made a list of people for miles 8 – 13. I will put the names of the people I am dedicating each mile to in my phone. My new “thing” is to smile after each mile. Hmmm… maybe I’m on to something like a “Smile A Mile” program. It really helps,though! I learned this from QiCong that smiling is something the body responds to. I also find that it helps me be a bit less tense in the face during the harder stretch of running. This time i will smile and think of the person I am dedicating the mile to.

Another thing I like about this dedication process is that it helps you run for more than personal reasons and gives you a good outside focus. I’ll take any healthy distraction I can take after mile 10! The article mentions having mantras for different parts of your race. I have one that I am reminded of every working day from now until October 27th. I hung this over my desk to remind me of the goal that I have for this upcoming 13.1 –


My New Mantra

My New Mantra


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