Speed Kills…

…my quads, and my glutes and often my lunges!


This week is technically a taper week for my running. Sunday is the first of 4 races I will be doing between then and December 1st. I take every race seriously but this is more of a fun run since it’s a non-timed trail run. The length of the race is 6.55 and I’m going to have fun with it and use it as part of my half marathon training.  A few of us will be having a pumpkin beer share after the race!

Today I exchanged my noon rangers workout for a speed drill run along the Ben Franklin Bridge. I love running the bridge for so many reasons, mostly the view but also because in a mostly flat city you get 2 uphill and 2 downhills on this run. I did a mile arm up to the bridge and started my speed drills. I used my phone timer so that I would do 2 minutes speed followed by 2:15 slow. Keep in mind, I’m starting my speed on an uphill, which is a real test of your lung capacity and lower body strength. By the time I got to the peak and before the first downhill, I was already feeling a bit tired. It was mental so I pressed on. I had my run mix going in my headphones so I found a good song for the downhill and started to boogie. I made sure to keep my stride short and normal on the downhill. It’s easy to open your gate on a downhill to use as momentum but I do not recommend it.

Coming back up from the Camden side is much steeper an incline than the Philly side. It seems to go on forever, too. I ran really slow on this one. I might have even power walked for a bit but I got right back in the stride. Once I got to the top it would be an easy and fun downhill. Once I was at the base of the bridge I would be finished with my speed drills and would do a mile cool down. As I got to the downhill I was feeling great. I had a white headband on, black wrist bands and black compression socks. At 6’1, 260 here I go running down the footpath on the bridge in an area where traffic can see me, and I’m running and dancing, with fists pumped in the air. Two passing cars honked at me. I was having a blast! I ended at work with 4.1 miles in the books. Not a bad way to spend your lunch break,right?

With this particular speed run the key was to not overdue the speed. I ran at a pace that I felt possible to race a 5k in. I might have given it more gas on the uphill but the sooner I got up those hills, the sooner I could start running down. It’s rest for me for the next few days. I even plan on sleeping in this Saturday!

Enjoy the view from my run this afternoon!


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