A Perfect Sunday for the Long Run

Sunday’s Long Run and The View From It

I’m getting the impression that the long run sim similar to race day. We dread its arrival and fret over getting to sleep early enough the night before. I even go as fas as to lay out all my clothes and gear so I’m ready first thing in the morning. But the moment it starts, to the moment it ends and every quad burning, glute tightening mile in between I love it! It’s the one run where if your pace is off you can easily say, “not bad for X amount of miles.” Long runs are where we earn that beer, that pizza or that extra stack of pancakes. “I can have pizza for dinner. I ran 8 miles this morning!”

I love the rhythm of the long run; starting off slow and easy, gradually building your pace up. I’m even starting to do intervals towards the end on some of these long runs. This morning was no exception to everything I just wrote. And we had our eyes set on 8 miles for today’s run.

In Philadelphia, Sunday was host to the Rock N’Roll series half marathon. We would need to find an alternate route since the Art Museum was the main attraction for this race. Not a problem for us since we have the Ben Franklin Bridge on the other end of the city. I live a mile from both so it’s easy access either way.

I ran to the base of the bridge where I met Katrina, Jess and their friend Elisa. I ran that mile as my warm up, stopped my GPS when I got there and chatted with Elisa until the others arrived. I brought headphones even though I usually run with everybody, since it’s easy to get separated by pace variations on a long run. Seems I would use them right away. Katrina was leading the pack and seemed to have lightning bolts in her new shoes. I was right behind but she was still a good half a block if not more ahead of me. Their friend Elisa was right behind me but at my side for a bit of the first two miles. We ran from Philly to Camden and looped down the waterfront.

Camden gets a bad rap due to its crime and lack of police but it has a major plus going for it: the view of Philly. The weather was perfect with a cool 65 degrees and a nice blue sky to boot. We met up at mile 4 and ran back the way we came With Katrina in a strong lead followed by myself then Elisa and Jess.

While running up the steps to the bridge the song “Eye of the Tiger” was playing. As I got to the top this older woman was running down the path but turning around. She smiled at me and said “Go,Rocky!” Was my music that loud? No. When people in Philadelphia run up steps you become Rocky. I had to smile. My run up the Camden side found me in the midst if this speed drill that two girls we’re doing. They would be behind me, run,, and then stop, walk and repeat. They took to cheating with me and we were giving each other the thumbs up each time one would pass the other

There were so many runners on the bridge Sunday it was beautiful a, this city used to get a bad rap about being the fattest city. So we like our cheese steaks, our scrapple and our beer, so what? Most of us run! I’m certain that the race taking up a popular running spot had a lot to do with it,too.

At the base of the bridge I found Katrina waiting patiently. We met the others and did a coo, down run back to Katrina’s place where we quickly headed to brunch. It was steak and eggs for me along with coffee, water and a Bloody Mary. You gotta love Sundays in the fall!.

Enjoy the View From My Run!





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