The View From My Run – Long Run

This weekend we ran 8 miles on Saturday morning. I was not feeling confident about doing it all. The previous week was rough as far as my pace and it was not the best for me as far as sleep, eating and drinking is concerned. I somehow managed to get out of my funk. I ran a steady 10:40 pace, which for me is not bad considering the circumstances. I kept with the group for the first 4 miles. I lost Katrina around mile 5 but she was always in my sights ahead of me. I stayed with her sister, Jess for a mile but then broke off from her (ahead) so I was in the middle of the pack. It was a perfect day for a long. The sun was out but there was a bit a coolness to the air and little humidity.

This post is going to be short but there’s more photos to enjoy. Keep running and good luck to everyone training for the fall races out there!


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