Hello, Runner’s Rut & View From My Run(s)

Just when I thought I had it all figured out, my rut came back. It all started with a super slow 8 mile run last Sunday. granted I knew what caused my slowness. It was a combination of lack of sleep, improper eating the week before and mass IPA consumption the night before. But I quickly bounced back by eating properly, cutting out the beer and getting proper rest. I can’t let this beat me up since I know how these ruts work. You get in one and you feel down on yourself and it irritates you to no end. I often feel like while I’m running I’m telling myself, “come on! Pick it up!”

But this is why it’s called training. If I struggled through all races this way it would be one thing. I am pleased by the fact that it’s only Friday and already I have 17 miles in. A few months ago I was averaging 10-12 miles per week. We did two 3 mile runs this week, both of which were over 10 minute mile pace. Maybe I should look at it like the slow run and how it’s supposed to be run at a slower pace than a tempo or long run. It is still very frustrating when one goes through this rut. I know as the days get closer my eating, drinking and sleeping habits will become more disciplined and that always helps.

I also took the time to do more stretching this week. I even broke out the foam roller. This all falls under the body maintenance category that gets ignored very easily. I did not do any speed work this week and most, if not all of my runs were done at an easy pace. Saturday is a Long Run, 8 miles. I’m a bit nervous about completing the 8 but I might scale it back to 7 miles if need be.My goal is to remind myself to start SLOW, almost to a crawl and then build up speed gradually. I’ll be running with my running partner Katrina and her sister Jess. Here’s a running “selfie” I took of us from this week:

Myself, Jess & Katrina running

Myself, Jess & Katrina running


In the meantime, here are some pictures I took from 2 separate runs this week. Enjoy the view!


6 responses to “Hello, Runner’s Rut & View From My Run(s)

  1. Cool photos! For some reason I like photos of large bridges. I don’t know why. Well done on fighting back from your rut so quickly, so often its easy to languish in one for weeks 🙂

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