A Slow Run Is Still A Run

Sunday and The Long Run

While this past week wasn’t the best for me nutrition wise it was a great week for logging miles. I am keeping on track with training for my fall races and I am ahead of schedule. Another few weeks of enjoying some IPAs before the I tighten the belt and cut it out all together.  I managed to get in the key types of runs this week. A few easy runs, a tempo, a Fartlek and a juicy 8 mile long run.

The night before my long run I usually rest up and hold off on having any beer. But last night I was with my In-Laws, sitting outside with a fire going and we all were downing some fine craft beers, laughing and telling stories until the wee hours of the night (morning). With a pounding headache I woke up at 8, and started to hydrate myself. I waited until 9 and hit the road. I originally set out to do 8 miles but was thinking in my state and with the heat I’d be happy to do 5. They path I took was very different than what I’m used to. I had to run on highway roads.

There’s a park that has a 2 mile course that I often drive to from my in-laws but today I ran there. It was hot and very humid and I was crawling. I knew I was not going to gain any serious speed on this run so my goal was to just pace myself to finish the 8. I made it to the park and started heading back. My body was completely soaked. My feet were moist and beginning to feel uncomfortable. I could have pushed myself to run a bit faster but I did not want to crash and burn before the 8 miles. My overall pace was a 12. Not my best but I’ll take it. Tomorrow is another day and I’ll do a 3 mile recovery run. Next week I’m sure I’ll be able to detox a bit.

The View From My Run – Sunday Edition



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