Listen To Your Body

It May Be Trying To Tell You Something


Part of my plan for this morning was o wake up and run an easy 3. I woke up, but I chose not to run at all today. Between Sunday and Monday I ran a half marathon. 7 miles on Sunday, 3 miles Sunday morning, several laps during Rangers and we ended with a straight 2 mile run. I am not exhausted. But I was feeling a bit of stiffness in my right foot that probably came from wearing these old slipper style shoes last night as Morgan and I went shopping. In any case, I am taking the day off from running. I’m sure there’ll be some laps at noon Rangers class.

As I eat my breakfast there’s a part of me that feels something is missing. Like I’m doing something wrong. Another part of me wants to come home at 6 and do my easy 3 then. They key to this is to remind myself that I will recover and just one day of rest isn’t going to hurt me. As a matter of fact, I’m certain it can only help. I guess what is happening is in the past I would make excuses or just be too tired to run. I think there a legitimate reasons to hold off on a run, especially if you ran the previous two days.  It’s days like these were a day off from any serious mileage ( 3 or more) is OK but some type of cross training is acceptable.


The View From My Run – Monday – Penn’s Landing



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