Weekends Were Made For The Long Run

Sunday Run-Day

Yes. This was NOT planned

Yes. This was NOT planned


This past week was one of the better weeks for my running all around. I logged in a solid 20 miles, mixed up my runs between tempo, easy and speed, and even took 2 days of from running. I did manage to squeeze in a good kettle bell workout with Sgt. Nate the day after my speed drills so I was feeling “good” over the weekend. I also have started waking up much earlier and getting my runs out-of-the-way before I start my work day. I woke up early everyday this week and was feeling great about it. Saturday I slept in until 10:30 and had ZERO regrets about it. My weight is dropping at a safe rate and I am feeling confident about the upcoming races. I’m sure I’ll be much more nervous in the days closer to those fall races. I am a much more learned runner than I used to be. Last week I had a very slow, almost painful easy run but I did not let it get me down. I knew I’d bounce back and I did. I am already ahead of schedule with my half marathon training.

Sunday we set out to do 7 miles. And we did! Our plan was to leave at 9:30 am. The weather here has been PERFECT running weather and today (Sunday) was no different. It is the kind of day that is cool in the shade and warm in the sun with an off and on breeze that is just right. I ran from my apartment to 7th and Race to meet Jess & Katrina.By complete coincidence we all had on bright green tops. We ran all the way down Race Street, to the foot of the Schuylkill River Trail entrance, past Boat House Row to the Girard Point Bridge and turned around. We crossed in front of the Art Museum and took Spring Garden back to my place for coffee and omelets made by yours truly. We set out with the goal of running a really slow and easy pace. Our goals were certainly met.


The first 3-4 miles were at a very slow and easy pace. No one was huffing or puffing when talking. We all felt good and our pace was a perfect, easy one to do for 7 miles. At the 4.5 mile mark we turned around. The last 3 miles our pace picked up considerably. With 1.5 miles left I turned to Katrina and said, “How are you feeling?”  “Good”, she answered. “Good? Or more like 1.5 miles to run is good?” We both agreed to that sentiment. We finished our run at the front door to my apartment where we took a walk around the block to keep from cramping and then to stretch. Some ice-cold water and freshly ground, local coffee was our reward. Everyone of us felt the run was a success. And while it was not our fastest 7 miles it was a solid 7 miles. We have plenty of time to work on our speed.

When I started running and I was struggling to get around the block I gauged my success by how far I would run before stopping. I could see my progress. My 2 blocks became 3 blocks became 5 blocks became 5 miles. Last year, or when Katrina and I started running together I was always with her for the first part of the run. By midway she was a bit ahead of me and by the end she was far ahead of me. For the most part, lately when we run I am right next to her, even at the end. I was breathing properly and my body was not struggling even when I pushed myself towards the end. I am learning to control myself with breathing, stride and pace and how to distribute all of this in a run / race. All of this is very exciting.

The View From My Run – Sunday Long Run Edition :

Schuylkill River Trail



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