My “Biggest” Hero & Views From Last Week’s run

The Biggest Hero

When I heard this story I almost cried tears of joy. I also wanted to slap myself in the face for ever being lazy or procrastinating about getting in a scheduled run. I’m talking about a 3-year-old boy named Finn. Our good friend, Megan ,who was my wife’s maid of honor at our wedding, is mother to Finn.  Megan is a runner and a damn good one at that! I’ve raced with her before but have only seen her pass me at the start. After giving birth to her 2nd son, Reid, she was anxious and ready to get back in the game by taking walks and eventually running.

It seems that Finn is always up for a walk with his mother. One day, while in the middle of a walk, Finn says to Megan , “I like being your walk buddy, Mom. I can’t wait until we can be running buddies!”

Finn and his mother on a walk

Finn and his mother on a walk

From what I understand, when Megan goes on a run she takes Finn, and sometimes Reid, in the stroller. On the weekends, towards the end of a run Finn will get out and run with his mother. He loves running and loves to run with his mother. He loves it so much that he recently ran a 5K race with her. He looks so happy in the pictures of them crossing the finish line.

Finn and Mom crossing the finish line at a 5K

Finn and Mom crossing the finish line at a 5K

Finn is the happiest runner.

Finn is the happiest runner.

Megan and Finn

Megan and Finn

It makes me so happy to know that he loves doing this with his mother. I know she’s got to be thrilled with it,too. It also makes me think about all the people I know who can run but choose not to enter a 5k race. They are fun. They are enough a challenge whether you are new to this or if you want to get a faster time in. If this little guy can out and run, what’s you excuse?

The View (& Review) Of My Runs From Last Week

I am proud of myself for getting out there a bit more this past week than I have in week’s past. Monday & Tuesday were 2 mile runs done at a fast pace during ranger Training. Wednesday I got up early to run with Katrina & her sister Jess for 3 miles. We then ran another 3 miles at rangers that day (both Katrina and I), Thursday was a 3.2 mile run down to the Art Museum and back and Sunday was a nice 6 mile run from my place, over the Ben Franklin Bridge, down Camden and back.

I am pleased with mixing up the type of runs I did, too. The 2 mile runs were done at top speed. Wednesday morning we ran a slow pace on purpose. Thursday was a bit of a tempo run and Sunday a great long run pace. I had allowed 2 days rest between my 3.2 mile run and the 6 mile long run. Of course, the weekend was what occurred in between and  I  worried about how I would do. Katrina and I were supposed to run in the morning but a combination of bad weather and late evening plans kept us from doing so. It was early afternoon when I set out on my run.

Since Katrina ad I were supposed to run 6 miles I figured I would hold true to our plan. I was feeling wiped out by mile 2. I told myself to just turn around and make it 4 miles but I knew I would at least owe this to myself and Katrina to finish out the 6. So I did. I don’t know what happened after mile 2 but it was like I came alive. I found my second wind. I tried to ignore my GPS for pace and use it more for distance. There’s no way Mile 2 was run at 12:20 pace. I did have to stop twice at a long red light

On the way back I opened up my gate  a bit. This is what training is for, right? I was picking up speed but not tiring. I know how I run. I know how fast or how slow I go and I knew I was booking. But I was doing so at a pace that I could sustain for another 2 miles. I started to apply the Fartlek training. Run fast for a while, then slow it down just a bit. By the time I got home I felt great. I could have gone on to run another few miles but why push it? That’s what next weekend is for!

Wednesday’s View: Penn’s Landing / Olde City Historic District:

Thursday’s View : Art Museum

Sunday’s Run : Long Run – Ben Franklin Bridge


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