The View From My Run : Beach Version

 Running Along a New Path

Yes, I'm posing but so what?

Yes, I’m posing but so what?

Welcome to Gordon's pond

Welcome to Gordon’s pond

My wife and I are visiting my parents this weekend. They happen to live in Rehoboth Beach,DE which means we get the beach often throughout the year. We also get to drink a lot of Dogfish Head beers since they have a bar / restaurant / bottle shop in downtown Rehoboth.  Some weekends we spend a lot of time on the beach and other weekends we spend none of it at the beach. We always have a great time visiting my mom and dad so it doesn’t matter what we do. Friday was a day spent on the beach and swimming in the ocean. There was a great moment where later in the day it poured rain. It was a pretty long and intense thunderstorm. We all sat out on the porch which is screened in so we stayed dry. I don’t have that option at my apartment in Philly so this was one of those simple but memorable moments for me.

Today we went to Cape Henlopen. It is the next beach up from Rehoboth and is a State Park. It’s never as crowded as Rehoboth because you have to pay to get in. My parents have a lifetime pass so we go there during the busy season and especially on weekends. The part of Cape Henlopen we go to is called “Gordon’s Pond”. I see a lot of people riding bikes, running and walking in this State Park. My mom recommended I do a run along this particular path that runs along the pond. It’s 3/4 miles in one direction so I ran up and back twice to make it three. I love running along a new path and I love when people tell me about new paths to run on.

The view along this path is beautiful.It is not paved but t’s also not a crazy trail to run on. It’s mostly gravel but there is a section after the three-quarter mile mark that becomes a thinner trail. I was advised not to run it due to all the heavy rains that made most of the path impassable or not friendly to runners. I have 3 main routes that I run back in Philly and they all have great views but it’s always a treat to experience a new route. I was feeling alright along the first mile. My music was playing and I was snapping away at the new, beautiful scenery. There were plenty of people riding bikes, walking and running along this path. It was not crowded but I got a chance to wave at a few fellow runners. I always love it when another runner waves or gives you a head nod as you pass each other.  I passed my wife and mom along the path.

My wife & mom took a walk along my running path

My wife & mom took a walk along my running path

By mile 2 I knew it was going to be a struggle to finish. I was well rested from the night before but maybe I was not properly hydrated. My pace slowed down and the noon heat was beating down on my head, and the rest of me was sweating a lot. It was lack of proper hydration that slowed me down. I started my day with a lukewarm glass of water with half a lemon squeezed into it, 2 cups of coffee and a bottle of water just before the run. It was 12:30 and we were pretty much on the beach so I was hot. I think I felt worst after I finished my run. The water was locked away in the car so I would have to wait for my mom and Morgan to come back from their walk to get in. I also had to pee really badly between miles 2 and 3. The porta johns are stinking hot so I was feeling not too pleasant at that time. What is it with me and tiring down after 2 miles lately?

Whatever it is I know I’ll be back on groove next week. I will make sure tat I get out there more often and to mix up the types of runs I do.The great thing about training, fitness, nutrition is that if you fall off you can always jump back on. In the meantime, enjoy the view from my run.


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