What a 3 Mile Run Has Taught Me

…And A View From That Run

I was feeling great about completing a 5 mile run on Sunday morning. The bulk of my runs have been between 2 and 4 miles so I am feeling good about expanding my mileage. I only logged in a quick one mile run and a 2.5 mile run on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was due for a good run so we decided that Thursday afternoon we would run. Katrina met me at work at 1pm and we headed out along Market Street towards Penn’s Landing and returned to our starting point via Spruce Street. The weather up until Thursday was PERFECT for running. It was certainly much cooler than what we are used to in August. But come Thursday, the humidity and higher temperatures returned.

I was a bit disappointed in myself for a few reasons. Mostly for making excuses instead of making it happen. All of these perfect days for running and I didn’t get out to run. Granted I logged in a good 4 miles over 2 days at ranger Training but there’s a difference between that running and a run intended just as a run. But here I was, running and with my friend and running partner Katrina. We both expected our pace to be around an 11 minute mile. The first mile was easy. We diverted part of our route due to a car that was on the sidewalk at 4th and Market. I hope no one was hurt.

We made our way to Penn’s Landing, along the beautiful Delaware River. Our pace was not as bad as we expected.We were averaging a 10:15 pace, with mile 2 being a 10:32 and mile 3 a 10:11. I admit, after the second mile I was starting to feel like I was running out of gas. The humidity was not helping. I’m certain it was contributing to this feeling. Katrina and I both talked for the first 2 miles. I was losing Katrina after mile 2. Not by much. She was easily a half block ahead of me. I was actually proud of this because when we started running together a year ago she was often a mile ahead of me. My pace has improved significantly in the last year. Weight loss has helped that. Less poundage to carry around.

In that 10 minute and 11 seconds of the last mile I had  a lot going on in my mind, mostly about my running performance. While I am putting in the miles for my upcoming fall races I also know when the time is to buckle down. A month before the races I cut out beer (any alcohol). I also eat more leafy greens, less beige food and I focus a lot on healthy sleep patterns. You might ask me why not apply this all the time? My answer is because I sometimes choose not to. I enjoy craft beer. I live in a city that is easily on the top 5 list of craft beer cities in the U.S. I eat healthy 80% of the time. The other 20% comes from going out to eat and indulging in a few “forbidden foods” from time to time.  The sleep deprivation, well, sometimes I’m just awake when I should be asleep.

All of this was in turn spinning through my head. While working on video editing the night before our run I had 3 beers. I also didn’t have a much in the way of alkaline foods over the past two days. And, of corse, I did not get as much sleep due to working on my video project. I wasn’t beating myself up over it but I was aware of how it might be affecting my running and my long-term goals of increasing my pace. I also know that from September until early December I will be much more strict about my food and beverage intake. I’m excited to see my progress and the rewards of being healthy, loosing weight at a reasonable pace and running better are worth the sacrifice of a few minor indulgences.

I was doing my best to catch up with Katrina or at least not lose any more ground on her. I might have given up (NEVER!) if we were to run another mile but I held in there and finished strong. We ended in Washington Square Park and decided to walk around a bit to keep from cramping. We talked mainly about our run and how we felt.

“After the bridge I felt like I was losing you. Sometimes I slow down to stay with you but I wasn’t going to do that this time. I was afraid it might slow you down more.”

That was the best thing I could have heard. She was absolutely right. Her keeping her own pace really did help me to keep up with my own. If I was running solo I might have thrown in the towel after mile 2. This is why having a good running partner is key. I am so excited for our upcoming long runs, slow runs, hill repeats, and tempo runs. I also know that the night before a run, get some sleep and put down the IPA, or finish it before 9pm. 🙂


A month ago I stopped taking my prescription medication for GERD. My balance to this was diluting apple cider vinegar with water after every meal, taking homeopathic dollops, eating a more alkaline diet and chasing a half tablespoon of baking soda with water if it comes on strong. I feel great! There’s an odd side effect from certain PPI medications. For over a year I would wake up with this feeling like there was phlegm in the back of my throat. I was constantly clearing my throat but nothing was coming up. I asked my doctor about this and she told me it’s a side effect from Proton Pump inhibitors. It is the truth because I no longer wake up with that and when I do there is real phlegm that breaks up. I apologize for the visual but it’s the truth.

So keep on running and enjoying life at the same time! And enjoy some photos from my run on Thursday!


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