The View From My Sunday Run

Sunday Runday

This past Sunday I accomplished two things on my run: I got up early, on my day off, to run and got to run with my running partner, Katrina. The rest of the day reminded me of how awesome it is to get that AM run in and out if the way. I’m hoping to make it a habit more often. One of my favorite benefits is being able to sleep better at night. Having the rest of the day free is another major pus to morning running.

We set out to do 5 miles and we did just that. Our half marathon is three months away, and while we’ve got in a lot of running both together and separately, including hill repeats, I’m feeling confident about getting more mileage in over the weekends. I’m really excited about all the races I have coming up this fall.

It was only 9:00 in the morning when we set out on our 5 mile run. I say only because I know most of you early morning runners have been back from a half marathon type run by that time but for us this is early enough. Besides, Philly doesn’t wake up until 11 am on the weekends, sometimes noon! This made out first mile, which included city blocks and traffic lights, easy since no one was around. We had to laugh at the many “walk of shame” people we saw that morning.

We both were tired and so our run was practically silent. A normal run with Katrina consists of her talking for the first two-thirds of the run and me talking towards the end. We both have a lot to talk about when we run but Katrina can easily carry the conversation and always has something to add. But not this morning. And that was alright with both of us. We were still happy to be running. It was so quiet I thought my breathing was the loudest sound within a two block radius.

Our run path took us from my place to the foot of the Art Museum where we then decided to take West River Drive. We like that path because it is considerably less crowded than Kelly Drive, where Boathouse Row is located. But West River Drive has no shade for the first few miles. The weather that morning was PERFECT for a run. It was in the low 70s with a cool breeze but in the sun it felt like 85 and when we had no shade there seemed to be no breeze.

We figured our pace was going to be an 11 so we took it easy with our running and decided it was more important to finish the five than to exhaust ourselves. I was happy to say that I stayed with Katrina for most of the run. Last year, when we started on long runs I would be a good half mile behind, maybe more. And I know there were times when she stayed with me, which is mighty awesome of her. On this run there was a brief uphill were she was gaining ground but I eventually caught up. (Thank you, red light) The run ended with us back at my apartment where Morgan joined us for some fresh, organic, locally grown coffee.

I hope I’m not jumping the gun but I know Katrina is going to post a blog about the differences in GPS times. She uses Runkeeper while I use Strava. Our times and mileage are not always spot on but usually close enough. There was, however, a huge difference in our Mile 2 times according it each others app. I might want to blame going under I676, or rather, the on ramp for I76. Last time I ran under it with my Garmin it went crazy. It’s sort of a Bermuda Triangle for signals. But you should really follow her blog HERE and check out what she has to say about it.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures I snapped along the way.


4 responses to “The View From My Sunday Run

  1. I just had a realization, do you run with a camera or just your phone? Maybe a GoPro would be awesome to do videos of your runs!

  2. I run with my iPhone. It does everything for me: GPS, music, emergency contact, and photos. It’s a neat process where I just whip out the camera and point & shoot. No need to focus, I can crop and enhance the picture later. I’d say for every 10 pictures I take I’ll use 7 of them. But thanks for the suggestion!

  3. I love running with my iPhone too. I use the Nike+ app, which is pretty good. I ran at 7am for the first time this past Sunday and it was so awesome to be done before 9am!

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