I Can’t Run Without My…


Over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of good quality running gear, most of it serves a practice purpose. My favorite is my card/key holder wrist band. I take it with me everywhere I go, mostly so I can use it during my noon workouts to hold my swipe card for the office and in the evening it holds my house key, and sometimes a bit of cash, card and ID. My good friend, Lynn, once told me she always takes her ID, some cash and a credit card. You never know when you’ll need these things.

I recently acquired one of these bad boys:

Every runner should have one

Every runner should have one

I love it! It think every runner should have one. They are not expensive at all! It’s a really smart idea, and one more thing I need to take with me on a run.

The silliest thing I’ve ever done is waste enough time looking for my headphones that I could have gone out for my run and been back by the time I admitted that I didn’t have them and ran without. I know that half of you love to run with music and the other half does not. When I run with Katrina or anyone I don’t take my music. When I run solo, I do.

Part of my music is also my iPhone. It does so much for me on a run. It’s my GPS, my time and pace keeper, my emergency phone, my music, and my camera to capture the views from my run.
Once again, a mixed review item for running. I don’t mind carrying it when I run.

I know for longer runs I’d be better off using this:

Garmin GPS watch

Garmin GPS watch

My wife, Morgan, got me this for Christmas and I love it! My favorite part about it is for doing intervals. NO app for running times your intervals like the Garmin does. It even tells you when to run fast and when to recover.

The other pieces of gear are more practical : proper shorts, shirt and sweat bands. I sweat more than anyone you’ll ever know. It gets so bad that I need to wear a sweatband around my head to keep the sweat from running into my eyes. Wrist bands  to  give the forehead swipe from time to time.

I won’t mention sneakers because that’s just silly to not have them on a run. It makes me ponder the idea of running like Rocky did in the first movie: sweatpants, shirt and a hat, nothing fancy. I often wonder if I should take a week and run without my “toys” and just get out there and run.
I do find running without music  enjoyable. I love just daydreaming or coming up with ideas and losing myself In thought.

What non essentials do you “need” when going out for a run? I’d live to hear from you.

A Buried Topic. One that is “sensitive” for men

I wanted to touch on this topic for some time but hesitated because it is awkward or often seen as distasteful. I’m talking about bleeding nipples. While I have yet to lose a toenail, I have suffered many a runs with this issue. It often doesn’t bother me when I run. I barely feel a thing. For example-I finished Broad Street, took my pictures, got my medal and goody bag, got on the subway, met my family and….oh look, there are dark lines running down your shirt. That’s blood!
I cannot escape this and I am learning to accept it. Band Aids? They don’t stay in the way I sweat. Body Glide? Check. Use it, love it. Doesn’t help for that area. My most recent solution is to lube them up, put large band aids on and just go. The do fall off (the band aids) eventually but it helps a bit. This seems  more of an issue for men because of the way women’s sports bras are made. Maybe one day I’ll be ripped enough to wear a tight shirt. But for now I’ll grin a bear it.


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