The Importance of Rest

Rest and Recovery

A little R & R is something most of us runners forget to partake in. We concentrate solely on the long runs, the tempo runs, the mileage and sometimes just getting in a daily run that we forget to take care of ourselves. Even this past week I was beating myself up about not having go e on a run in four days. I was starting to worry that I might be falling victim to some new bad habit of not committing to my running schedule. As each day passed when I didn’t wake up early enough for a run, or when it was too late at night to go or I had other plans I told myself that I need to start getting out there and going on runs.

Four days of not running might be exactly what my body needed. During a noon workout I managed to run a well,above my average pace of 8:44 for a one mile run. Maybe it was a glitch in the GPS. Then, after work I decided to go for a 3 mile run. I’ll just run down to the foot of the Art Museum steps and back. So off I went and I was feeling pretty good about my pace. The air quality is finally breathable and there was a nice cool breeze going. My wife was following my progress via this new app from Road ID (more on this below) and my spirits were keeping me going fast.

As I have mentioned before, one does simply run TO the Art Museum steps without running up up them and doing the famous hands in the air bounce ala Rocky Balboa. I flew up those steps with the Rocky music playing. My adrenaline was pumping hard. I decided I would run Kelly Drive for a bit. At the end of my run I tallied a total of 4.2 miles at a steady pace of 9:41. This is a far improvement from my 11 minute pace. My guess is that all of those runs in the heat with a slow pace paid off. Today we did a two mile run at noon class and I ran a 9:14 pace. I known I’m not ready to run a 10k or a half marathon at this pace but being able to run two miles at this pace tells me I can eventually get to that point.

I read an article from Hal Higdon today about foam rolling. It mentions that most runners should foam roll at least three times a week. It is key to break down that tissue and start having healthy muscles. Tonight I will roll with the foam. It’s a love/hate thing for me. I love what it does for me, I hate how I scream when I hit my quads.




A VERY helpful Tool

One of my favorite blogs is the Be Well Philly site. Yesterday they posted a link to a new free app by ROAD ID. This app is amazing and I promise you I’m not being paid for this endorsement. The idea behind this app is that when you go for a run, a bike ride or even just for a walk you can notify up to 5 people that you are doing so. You customize the message to them. “I’m going for a run” or ” gonna run 3 miles then stopping off for a delicious IPA”. This person gets the alert and can follow you while you run! You, of course, sow up as a blip just like on Google maps or any other mobile gps device. My wife text me amidst my running, “keep going ,Matt!” and “almost home,push!” This app will be very handy during a race. It also sends a warning if there is no mobile activity for more than five minutes.

Click Road ID app to read the blog ad or just type Road ID in the App Store to download the free app. The best part is, since the app is still in its beta mode, Road ID sends you a coupon code for ten percent off a purchase from their site. I got me a Road ID bracelet because it is a really smart idea. Besides practicing good rest and recovery we need to practice common sense and safety.

So, tonight, I have an appointment with this beast:



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