You Might Just Be Influencing Others

So be careful what you post!

Before I started this blog I was posting my run info on Facebook. I was posting my GPS times along with a photo from the run, hence the “View From My Run” blogs. Even though I moved to WordPress I still post my runs on Facebook. I have a basic policy of what and how I post. I stick to running, beer and family. I like to project a positive attitude on this media platform. We all have that friend , or more than one, who posts nothing but negativity and what they do every second of the day. We roll our eyes at these posts, and sometimes we “delete our friends”.

Despite my attempt at positivity on social media I still got negative feedback from people. Some people would chime in on why I was posting about craft beer, when I should be out running. Others just got a bit cocky with my new addiction. It stopped me from posting for a while until a few friends told me they missed my running posts. Then I started hearing from friends who told me they started to lace up their sneakers after reading my posts.

A Small Determined Group

Phil, George, and Dan

George is my cousin and oldest friend. We grew up together and during our late 20’s lived in Philadelphia at the same time. George now lives in Rhode Island with his wife and 2 kids. He was inspired by me so much he did the Couch-To-5K program and ran his first race ever. Dan is another friend of mine who took up the Couch-To-5K program and ran his 1st 5K last summer. He thought to himself, “If Spade can get out there and run than so can I!” Phil is a friend I know through my wife, Morgan. They work together. And while Phil and I are best known for happy hour celebrations he wrote to me recently that he loves reading my posts. Phil is an avid bike rider but has recently laced up to partake in a few 5Ks this year. They will be his first runs. It really makes me feel warm and fuzzy when people tell me they laced up their running shoes and hit the pavement because of me.




Glenn is in the same circle of friends as myself and Dan. Glenn is getting married this fall and has posted his runs on Facebook. Before he started posting his runs I started getting the texts: “what app do you use when you run?” “how far do you run on an average day” All of the questions that  a newbie runner would ask. Glenn is a former athlete and has always been in good shape. He is taller than me which means he is 6 foot “something”. His pace is great for a rookie- 9-10 minute miles. This means he only has room to improve. I saw him a few years ago and a few more times since. He told me back in 2009 when he saw me he was worried. I looked old and overweight and not healthy.He says now I am the envy of lazy people who need to get off their asses. he also told me if it weren’t for Jarred from Subway that I would be his health hero.


Picture 012Elizabeth is a former co-worker and friend of mine. She moved from Florida to Philadelphia and is now back in Florida with her husband. She and I were smoking buddies. Three smoke breaks a day is what made us friends. We were also know to be good drinking buddies! I quit smoking while she continued and eventually moved. I got a bit of news from her that she had quit smoking and is now smoke free. Just like Glenn, I got the same text / email questions from Elizabeth. “How do you start out running?” I gave her the run/walk advice and it seems to be working for her. Sh does confess that summer time is not the best time for running in Florida but she has made progress. What I love the most about her story is that she will occasionally send me photos from her run. “Look! It’s the view from MY run!” Well, Elizabeth, I’ve saved every one you sent so that I could showcase your photo work while running. Here it is:



Katrina loves fine wine and running

Katrina loves fine wine and running

Katrina is my friend and running partner. Her story is more of a testimonial than the others. She probably started running around the same time as me or earlier. Here is what she has to say about my influence on her running:

“I’ve always liked running, but I never loved it until I started running with Matt. Training for our half marathon was enjoyable – every long run! I’m motivated to get out there day after day, but Matt is great at setting long term goals (and convincing me too as well). Some days I’m the cheerleader, and sometimes it’s him – but we keep each other on track!”

It brings a tear to my eye to know that one man can influence and motivate so many people. Some of it comes from the constant posting but a lot of it comes from the transformation. People can see the results of a healthy lifestyle. Don’t let the nay sayers stop you from doing what you want to do! If you are someone who has always ran or if you are new to this, keep doing it! You never know who is watching you and who you will influence and motivate.

What is my motivation? My influence?

Morgan and Me

Morgan and Me




The View From A Friend’s Run

Katrina was kind enough to send me photos from her runs today and yesterday. She is in the San Juan island off Peugeot Sound for a wedding. Enjoy the view!



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