Hitting A Milestone

One Little Victory

Aside from finally breaking out of my slump I also reached  a milestone. So far I have run 200 miles, this year. Now, some of you might have twice that amount but this is a big deal for a guy who’s longest run has been a 10k, so far. And for someone who goes out running 2-4 miles at a time. I’ll take it as a milestone and I want to see how many miles I will have run come the end of the year!

200  Miles so far!

200 Miles so far!


“Celebrate The Moment

As It Turn Into One More”

Along with this exciting news I have also busted out of my slow-paced running slump. Over this past week every run I did was under 10 or a 10:12, which is my normal pace. I attribute many important factors to this. Over the past two weeks I have switched to a more alkaline based way of eating. Whenever I am consuming more quantities of dark, leafy greens my running improves. I have also taken a 2 week beer detox, or fasting. Combine the last two statements and that equals weight loss, which equals faster pace. No big mystery here.

I also believe my 13.6 mile bike ride over the weekend helped. Maybe it gave me a confidence boost. I hope this helps with the mental part of my running. The heat and humidity are still a major reason not only here in Philadelphia but with runners. I keep reading articles on how this heat effects your pace and how you should avoid running long distances in this heat. I agree. My longest run in this heat was 3 miles. This Vita Coco water has been my saving grace. It rally does help me bounce back. I wish races would hand these out instead of Gatorade.

Vita Coco- my saving grace in this heat.

Vita Coco- my saving grace in this heat.


“A Shot Of Satisfaction

 In A Willingness To Risk Defeat”

I signed up for one more race: The Space Coast Marathon. I am doing the half. I was a little hesitant to sign up. I am doing a half at the end of October, a 10K the first weekend in November. Will I be ready? Of course, I will! It takes place in Florida where my brother lives. I’m looking forward to visiting and this race is on a very flat course, filled with sci-fi themed volunteers and runners. The medals you get are some serious “bling”!

If the weather reports are correct. They always are, aren’t they? We will be getting a break from this oppressive heat by the weekend. Just in time for a LONG run!




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