When You Can’t Run…


My Weekend In (fitness) Review


My runner’s rut continues. I can barely break out of an 11 minute mile pace and I can hardly finish 3 miles straight without stopping. I am losing the mental battle with my running. It’s all a bit of a Catch 22. Friday I listened to all these songs that would motivate my running: Eye Of The Tiger, The Distance, Marathon. I got myself al pumped up for a good, solid run. I was already half-dressed to run, I just need to change my shorts. This time I decided to leave the GPS in my pocket. I had a good idea of what mileage I would be covering so there was no need to keep looking at my pace. I felt great along the way and I knew when I got back to my place it was roughly 2.2 miles. I only had to gun it for less than .8 miles. My body was not going to let me finish. I started to feel weak and a bit faint.

“Listen to your body”, is what every good trainer says

So I did. Stopping at 2.4 miles. If there’s any lesson here it’s that at least I ran. A sloppy 2.4 miles ran is WAY better than zero miles and sitting at my workstation all night. I will not let this damper me. I still have the runner’s high and I will only get out of this funk by consistently running. I’m actually excited for the upcoming runs I will do this week, even though the forecast is calling for a real feel temperature of a thousand degrees.



The Views From Friday’s Run


I kept busy by doing lots of housework until about 4pm. I decided it was time to take my bike out for a LONG ride. I ride everyday but only 2 miles to and from work. I knew it was a mile to the Art Museum steps and the loops was another 8, plus 1 home. That’s It! I would do a 10 mile bike ride. It was exactly what was needed. I had 2 stops along the way (red lights) and then it was 9 miles of clear sailing. I was flying! For once I was passing everybody. Runners, walkers, and other bikers. It was a little over 10 miles when I got to my place. I decided I would ride 13.1 in honor of the 2 half marathon’s I will be running later this year. I clocked in at 13.6 miles and I could have gone another 10. My ride ended just in time as I was unlocking my door the rain started to pour heavily. There was a light off and on drizzle during the last 4 miles of the ride. It was enough to feel good and refreshing. The downpour I could do without. I decided at least once a week I will ride this loop as part of my cross training. It just felt good moving and not binge exhausted!

Here’s a view from that ride:

MY Nutrition:

This has been Week 1 of not taking my prescription medication for heartburn. (Lansaprozale) I had a mostly alkaline diet, lots of greens, very little meat and a lot of apple cider vinegar, probiotic and enzymes. I feel great! I can find which foods give me issues and either cut them back or out. The key is to balance acidic foods with high alkaline foods. So here’s a shot of one of my meals a blender full of green juice, juiced with a Breville to remove the pulp, and mixed with Greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries and ginger. In the cast iron skillet is some swiss chard, mushrooms mix.


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