The View from My Vacation Run / The Rut

Call It A Funk, If You Will…

but somehow I can’t seem to snap out of it. A little over two weeks ago I was getting in an 8:50 – 9:12 pace on a 1-2 mile stretch. I’m not sure what happened or why, but my current pace has been around 11. Granted, a lot of that is during hill runs and extreme heat but don’t we all get lucky once in a while? I started this blog with the notion to always be positive but I am starting to get fed up with my slowness.

I have also heard all of the patronizing excuses.

“You’ll get over the hump” “Everybody goes through a slump just stick it out.”

And the list goes on. While all of these reasons are true it still doesn’t settle well with me. Even today I could barely run 2 miles without stopping to walk a few times.

I should also admit that my holiday eating, more like drinking, has not been helping. I completed the 10 Days Of real Food Challenge and was feeling great! My wife and I, along with 6 other friends, found ourselves in Pittsburgh visiting friends. We didn’t eat that badly, sans any ballpark food. Most of what we ate was grilled. I had my yogurt with fruit in the morning. It was the 12,000 beers we consumed.

I’m interested in seeing what happens now that I will be back on my normal eating regiment.

I am also convinced that I will wake up early and run.

Please share with me your worst ruts and if you are in one now. In the meantime, here’s a few pictures I took of a 3 mile run I did in Pittsburgh. The path was loaded with hills and the temperature must have been 90 plus.

I know this is a blog about running and fitness, but I just could not resist sharing this. We were given 2nd row, dugout seats and got to witness this:



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