The View from My Weekend Runs

What’s Harder to Run,

The Beach or In Thick Humidity?

My answer would be both. I recently did a few 1 – 2 mile runs to get my speed up. I was able to break out of my 10 minute mile and hot an 8:45 pace., even in this humidity, and was feeling good about things as far as running goes. Call it a double edged sword or killing 2 birds at once, I decide to keep up with my running even while on vacation. This weekend found my at the Delaware Beaches for a visit with my mom and dad.

After sitting on the beach for a few hours, reading a book on the Guadalcanal, I decided it was time to get a run in. I borrowed my wife’s phone to use as a GPS / Pace setter and music, and hit the sand, barefoot and all! I recall running on the beach once when I first started running. I recall it being not as hard as everyone had once told me. Maybe it’s because I was a newbie to running but this time was tough! The wet sand was on an extreme slope. I couldn’t find a comfortable area to get a good stride in. I felt like I was giving it my all but going nowhere slowly.

I could have put the GPS down because I knew I was going slow. My goal of running 3 miles was cut short to a 2 mile run with an average pace of 12:59. All in all that was still much better than sitting on a beach chair eating corn curls. The best part of that run was being able to cool off in the cold ocean. I have a lot of respect for you beach runners out there. It must give you a great edge in flat road racing and I imagine is a great way to train.

Northbound towards Cape Henlopen

Northbound towards Cape Henlopen

It seems that no mater what part of the country you live in there’s this oppressive weather happening. Record high temperatures and unexpected thunderstorms are everywhere these days. I started out by doing alright with running in this heat but now it is really getting to me. I believe that this is where I have to discipline myself to get up much earlier and run before the sun heats things up.

My second run on vacation took place behind my folk’s place on a trail called Bridgewater Trail. It’s a wooded area trail that has no motor vehicles and you will likely see runners and bicycle riders. I saw a few of both on my run. It was a mile to get to the trail head and that mile was on an open, country road that gave little to no shade. Due to the events of the day it wasn’t until 3 pm that I was able to get a run in. That is not the best time of day to run when it is 90 plus and humid, but I had to get this run in.

I started out a bit faster than I should had but I got myself pumped up listening to “Eye Of The Tiger” and The Rocky theme music. I also managed to run past the trial head but after backtracking a bit I found it. At some point in my head I told myself I would run 4 miles, not 3. The trail was gorgeous and I can see myself doing this run often, hopefully in better weather. There was a sign posted “3.1 miles to Rehoboth Beach” and I believe they have 5K races that start at this trail head.

I could have ran it all the way to the beach and back but my body was telling me no. We must always listen to our bodies when it comes to fitness and workouts. I ended up doing 3.5 miles with a 10:54 pace. I need to recall my previous training of doing slow runs. This could have been a perfect slow run had I not burnt out in the beginning.

Crossing a bridge over...Bridgewater!

Crossing a bridge over…Bridgewater!


My friend and running partner, Katrina is also on vacation for the next few weeks. One of the many advantages to having a running partner is accountability. We are both human so missing a run here and there is understood but it helps keep you in check. We decided to do a “virtual run” together. Ideally we were hoping to run the same distance on the same day at the same time, but that was almost impossible. The key was to run a similar distance for a similar amount of days. Since she left for her vacation before I left for mine I was already getting the updates.

“I ran 3.5 miles today”  “I got up early and ran”

I’m already 2 runs behind so I couldn’t let any more time slide.  The heat had an impact on both of our paces and that makes me feel better about running so slow. At least I’m not alone. She was kind enough to send me a few photos of her “View From her Run” so I will share those with you later in this post. For now, here’s a side by side collage of our runs:

My Trail Run                                                                                           Katrina’s Trail Run:

Katrina's social media collage run photo

Katrina’s social media collage run photo

My social media post of the run

My social media post of the run

While I am back for 2 days my wife , Morgan ad I, leave for Pittsburgh,PA for a few days. I will get a few runs in while I’m there and I promise to have some new pictures of that run!

Happy 4th, everybody and enjoy my view!

The View from Katrina’s run:

You can also follow her fitness blog HERE.


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  1. Hi mopu

    Good blog but it is not Bridgewater…it is the Breakwater Junction Trail.

    Have a super trip.

    Luv Mom PS. Love the bunny …or was it a squirrel

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