Reasons Why I Run

(There’s a Video Recipe for Healthy Baked Sweet Potato Fries at the bottom!)

I Run …

Coming to the Finish line at the Beast of the East.

Coming to the Finish line at the Beast of the East.

…because I can!

…for all the years I thought I couldn’t.

…for the high.

…to sweat off that bad meal I ate

…so I can enjoy things like beer and cheese.

…to train for a race

…because some guy in his 60’s is running his 5th marathon.

…for all the years I didn’t!

…when it’s 30 degrees outside with a wind chill of minus 2

…when it’s 92 degrees outside but the humidity makes it feel like 100

Every runner's goal

Every runner’s goal

…to clear my head

…to lose weight

…for my health

…so that next time I can run faster and next time I can run further

– so why don’t you?

…to decompress any mental stress that the day brought.

.. to beat one person: MYSELF!

…to do something today that my body will thank me for tomorrow!

There are so many more reasons to run. What’s yours?


As runners we need our carbs. Scratch that: as HUMANS we need our carbs., GOOD carbs! My main carbohydrate source of late has been both brown rice and sweet potatoes. I recently taught myself to bake a sweet potato in “french fry” fashion, but without all the oil or the frying part!

I’m including a video demonstration. There is a text recipe version below.

Pre-Heat Oven (or toaster oven) to Broil

Skin your sweet potatoes. Cut them into french fry shapes.

Put cut potatoes in a zip-lock bag or a sealed container. Drizzle either olive or sesame oil over the potatoes ( 1- 2 tspns.)

Add seasoning of choice: garlic powder/ thyme/ pepper/dill

Seal bag or container and shake until potatoes are covered in oil and seasonings.

Place potatoes on cooking sheet and place in oven

Set timer for 30 minutes

Flip potatoes after 15 minutes and return to oven.


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