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real food for 10 days

real food for 10 days

No matter what your choice of exercise is, proper eating is key to it all. It’s the downfall of many of us. Our hard work goes to waist waste. All of that effort, all of that sweating for nothing if we don’t eat properly. Man people even gain weight when they commit to hard workouts. It’s just not fair! How many times have we ran 6 miles and decide we earned a few cold beers and a cheese burger? Even when we eat healthy 80% of the time it’s that 20% of not that gets us. It’s almost like you can feel your stomach growing. That shirt that was “just right” is now a bit too snug. And why is it that most of the damage we do to ourselves occurs on the weekends?

I have been enjoying a care free way of eating and drinking over the last 2-3 weeks. Nothing as bad as I used to but enough that my body is telling me to get a hold of itself. Even without stepping on the scale I could tell by the way my clothes were fitting. This morning I bit the bullet and stepped on the scale. I was 10 lbs. up from my post Broad Street training days. Not a big deal. I got this! I know most of it is water weight and getting back to my regular routine will help it come off. Besides, it’s easier to drop pounds in this hot, humid weather,right?

100 Days Of Real Food

Yes, I took this picture. I try to use my own photos.

Yes, I took this picture. I try to use my own photos.

I follow them on Twitter and Facebook and I LOVE their posts! Their focus is mainly on eating foods with less then 5 ingredients. They often post on foods that disguise themselves as real goods but have all types of nasty dyes and chemicals in them. They offer people to try and take their pledge of eating real foods for 100 days. There is also a 10 day version for people who want to give it try without committing to a full 3 plus months. So I signed up and took the pledge. I’m on day 3 and I feel great. Keep in mind, I mostly eat real foods. I cut out starchy whites and traded my old carbs in for brown rice and sweet potatoes. I’m also a sucker for ice cream, a hoagie or whatever other snacks might be laying around the house. One of my recent favorite healthy snacks is kale chips. They’re so easy to make and so good for you,too!

I thought this was going to be a breeze since most of what I eat is whole foods. It’s the things you don’t think about until you truly read labels. I went for my hot sauce this mornig to put on my eggs; more than 5 ingredients? Yes. Xantham Gum? REALLY?!?! Later in the day I grabbed for my low sodium soy sauce. I couldn;t even pronounce half of the stuff listed. I’m finding a lot of my foods ingredients sound like a bad science experiment, and we are the rats!

Kale Chips before and after

Kale Chips before and after

I also started to keep a running schedule like I did when I was training for Broad Street. I don’t have any races lined up until October when I’ll be doing a half marathon. I found that keeping track of how many miles I ran a day really helped to keep me on track. I also note what type of run I did: speed, hill, tempo, long,easy. I was starting to get upset with my pace. Over vacation I ran 10-11 minute miles. After two weeks of adding one day of hill repeats (speed drills) I noticed a difference. Today when we ran swirls (2 laps around the block – 2 wide circles in the park – 2 inner circles in the park which equals 1.8 miles) I ran under a 9 minute mile!!!! It was 8:50 but, still, this proves I can do it. At the end of our class we did the swirls again. Keep in mind we did a four corners workout that involved mountain climber, burpees and such. I didn’t expect my time to be as good but it was 9:52. I still made it under ten! And the weather was 90 with heavy humidity so I think it’s a combination of eating more alkaline foods, more real foods and less garbage.

This has given me a new outlook on my running. Should I continue doing the 1-2 mile runs at my fast pace and then gradually ad more mileage? I think I’ll stick to doing what I did when training for other races and mix up my run types. That seems to work best. I know this weekend I’ll get to do a long run of maybe 5 or 6 miles. I’m excited and I really hope to be able to run faster. I have leaned to embrace that pain. I am starting to learn how to control the mental aspect of running.

My new running calendar

My new running calendar

Oh, and for the record, beer has 3 ingredients: malt, barley and hops. According to most research (done by yours truly) of all types of alcohol beer has the least amount of sugars.

I promise to report back on my progress after the ten days are over. I am going to give this my all and I’m excited to see what changes occur. Many of my friends have told me I will never go back to eating any processed food after doing this. I’m ok with that. My next attempt is to ween myself off of my heartburn medicine. I have my apple cider vinegar, my probiotics and some homeopathic mess in case an attack comes on. Here’s to out health!

The View From Last Week’s Bridge Run

I know that many of you enjoy my running photography. Last Friday our Ranger class was canceled so I went for a 3 mile run over the Ben Franklin Bridge walkway and back. Here’s a few photos : It was a beautiful day!


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