The Power of Electrolytes

Hill Repeats and Re-Hydration

Today was the the day that the rains were supposed to come in and wash everything away. A monsoon would engulf the entire I95 corridor. hail would pelt down upon us and tornados would steal your children and kittens.

Turns out that around 10 am the skies turned pitch black and we got some serious thunderstorms that lasted almost an hour. I shouldn’t complain but I secretly love bad weather. Don’t ask me why, I just do. When the sky was black at 10 am i was informed that our outdoor workout class was still on.

“How could this be?” I pondered.

Come 11 am the skies turned bright again and the rains stopped. I was pleased to see this since I was hoping to get in a workout today. Then the text came : “Class is cancelled” I was a bit bummed out. Turns out that most of the class cancelled so it was a wise decision to just cancel class. Then, with 10  minutes to spare to get changed, another text came through: “Class is back on. See you soon”. OK, I was psyched. Now I would get my sweat on (off) and my workout in.

The night before I met Katrina outside Lithe method to do some hill repeats at 8:30. We did these using the hill at the end of Market Street that leads to Penn’s Landing.

Penn's landing Hill

Penn’s landing Hill

We ran an easy mile up this hill, down the steps to Penn’s Landing and back to the base of the hill. Our goal was to run up this hill very fast, turn around and slowly climb down to where we started. repeat this 5 times with another mile run cool down at the end. It was dusk and then nightfall by the time we finished.

At Dusk

At Dusk

At nightfall

At nightfall








We then had a few celebratory drinks close by to replenish our glycogen levels. Right?

Back to this afternoon’s workout. I ended up running a total of 3.6 miles. We did soe total body stuff in between: power crunches / push ups / rowers- Needless to say I was drenched by the time class was over. Water alone was not going to help me. At my local deli, where I ordered my lunch, I sought out coconut water. there was a big sign on the front door for “Vitamin water’s” coconut water product. So I grabbed the bottle.

Sounds Healthy?I turned the bottle around to see what the ingredients were. I had an idea it was not going to be healthy. I was right. Would you put this in your body? I don;t even know, nor ca I pronounce half of those chemicals in it!  I’m not sure I want to put this in my body. I know the proper thing top do is take orange juice and water it down, or do so the same with Gatorade.

These are the same ingredients as a battery.

These are the same ingredients as a battery.


Then I found this little treat:

Hmmm...sounds simple enough


And check out THESE ingredients! 3 simple ingredients. I know what each one is AND I approve of putting them in me. It’s kinda hard to carry an actual coconut around, crack it open and sop up the juice, which is the ideal thing to do to replenish your electrolytes, but this product is one I would endorse!

Now that's my kind of drink!

Now that’s my kind of drink!



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