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What APP Do You Use When Running?


Recently 3 of my friends started running. All 3 of them have been texting me various questions about running. I’d like to think I had some influence on all them lacing up their sneakers and hitting the road running.

“What APP do you use when running?” all 3 of them asked.

I had a list to give them since I have used several in my time of running.

MapMyRun APP logo

MapMyRun APP logo

When I first started running I used “Map MY Run”. I still like it. I like the option to actually mark your run without using the app, which is what I used to do before I had the iPhone.

I also like that you can mark a route and see how far the run would be. You can also loop your route back, see elevation gains and losses. And like most apps of its nature it comes with a bike friendly version.


I stopped using MapMyRun a little over a year ago when my friend,Lynn started using Strava.

Strava running app logo

Strava running app logo

I know this isn’t the greatest reason for using it but my favorite color is orange. I also mostly use it because I know my friend is a serious runner and, hey, it was free to download. I quickly became a fan of it and still, to this day, use it as my main running app. I think, at this pint, it has become one of those things where since I use it quite often I’m going to stick with it. I really love the challenges that they give you the option to participate in. It really helps you keep on top of training when there’s no race coming up. This month’s challenges are to run as many kilometers in a month and to run a 10k between June 15th and 16th.

Garmin watches for running and cycling

Garmin watches for running and cycling

For Christmas my wife gave me a Garmin watch. LOVE IT! It’s perfect when you don’t feel like bringing your phone along. It also comes with a heart monitor which I find key in training for slow runs and working within your heart rate range. The best part is, it wireless syncs to your home computer via a USB thumb drive that acts as an antenna. When I come home after a run and take the watch off, within a few seconds I hear the “beep” indicating its sync. Oh, and the other best part? It’s linked with Strava so all my Garmin runs update directly to my Strava app. What more could one ask for?

There are plenty of other apps out there for running.

RunKeeper app logo

RunKeeper app logo

My running partner and friend, Katrina, uses RunKeeper. I know she’s been using it for quite some time and she seems happy with it. From what I know it syncs to MyFitnesPal so it’ll subtract the running calorie deficit from your food log.

As much as I love the Garmin more than Strava (it has timing for interval runs so you can measure each sprint and cool down instead of doing an average) I like the idea of carrying my phone when I run. I do listen to music when I run and how else can I take all of those “View From My Run” pictures? Lastly there’s the safety factor of having a phone on you in case of emergency.  It’s that one device that does so much for me on a run!

If you are reading this (thank you!) please take a moment to comment on which, if any, running app you use. I’d love to hear from you and to see what you all are using and what else is out there.


5 responses to “Running APPs / GPS

  1. When I track my runs, which is not often these days, I use mapmyrun. I use it for biking too. My schedule is not my own while still nursing so my runs are less about reaching a distance and more about fitting them into available time. I don’t listen to music when I run, but would consider doing so if i had wireless earbuds. When I do track I keep my phone in a spibelt. I love that contraption! Happy logging!

  2. RunKeeper actually doesn’t sync to My Fitness Pal, but it should! I think the app Runtastic does, but I have never used it.

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