The View from This Week’s Runs


While this week I did not do my traditional running schedule I still managed to run a decent amount and log some good miles in. And while only 2 days were dedicated to solo running there were plenty of miles added during Ranger Training Bootcamp. On one day we ran over 3 miles: One in the beginning and the other 2 at the end. I also went, for the first time in months, to an evening kettle bell class with Sgt. Nate. I was determined NOT to step o the scale due to a week’s worth of Philly Beer Week festivities. But I did and was happy to see barely a 4 lb. gain. I can easily take that off this coming week, and I will!

This week also marked the last run I would do with my friend, Bimpe. She and her husband are moving to Rhode Island for job purposes. I wish her all the best but will miss her as my occasional running partner. She and I did a quick but slow 2.5 mile run up and down Spring Garden Street. it was the day before the big storm was to roll in so we got a run in before the soakers came.

Friday was a “wash” due to rain but I made it to kettle bell class at noon with Sgt. Nate. One can always count on getting in a good sweat with him! Saturday I was determined to get out there and run. i was worried about my pace and mileage but I had to throw away any hesitation on just lace up my sneakers and hit the pavement. Those sneakers were still soaking wet from Friday’s rain.

I managed to get in a good 4 mile run from my apartment, over the Ben Franklin Bridge and back again. I was happy to get in 4 miles and my pace was a bit slower than I would like it to be but I have to remind myself that I ran four miles.

I am determined to make this coming week the “buckle down” week. Philly Beer Week is over and I now have a chance to do some damage control. I have no regrets for enjoying myself as long as I get back into the swing of things. I also want to give a shout out to my friend Jason who ran the Lake Placid Marathon and fellow blogger Katie Fitz who did a half marathon this weekend. You guys are my inspirations and keep running!



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