Sunday Funday

But Not a RUN Day

I started this blog with the idea of a “running” theme but sometimes I might post some random goodness. THIS, is one of those posts. It was just too much of a fun day along with the pictures I took to document the events that I thought I’d share it with you all.

It started roughly around 10 am when my boss, and friend, stopped by my apartment to pick me up. Where were we headed? Local 44 in West Philly to meet up with my long time friend Bill. Local 44 is a bar. The bar does not open until 11 am but we, a bunch of grown men, HAD to stand in line to get a seat to taste the fine nectar that is Russian River’s double IPA, “Pliny The Elder”. If any of you reading this are beer geeks then your mouth is watering as you read this.

Once we were let in the place was packed 3 deep. We got a table and had 4 (5?) rounds of Pliny. I had the steak and eggs to make it a super Sunday. We left a little before noon with a good buzz about us. It turns out that each one of us had a moment, around 9 am, where we said to ourselves, ” are we alcoholics?” NO. We just have good taste.

The second half of the day was spent with my wife and her family in South Jersey. My In-Law’s place was built by a lake: Lake Centerton. The lake has been empty for almost 3 years due to ongoing dam repairs and issues with the lake association getting it filled up again. When it rains heavily the lake fills up enough that we can take the kayaks out for nice paddle. There’s a stream running through it so you are working against it on the way out but can coast back home.

I put two cold beers in the back: A Founder’s Pale Ale and a Victory headwaters Pale Ale. I wrapped my iPhone in a zip lock bag and placed that in a safety pouch and we headed out. It was the perfect day to do this. If the lake was filled we both would have spent all day out there. After an hour of paddling we headed a shore and made hot dogs on the grill. It was cool in the shade so we started a fire in the pit and made S’mores.

I know it’s not officially summer but it’s days like these that tell me summer is here. Any one of those events remiods me of summer…except the Pliny.


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