National Running Day?

…But Was It Happy?

I run for many reasons

I run for many reasons

So today is National Running Day. By the time most of you read this that day will have ended. I was excited to hear that a day dedicated to running was approaching. Of course I would run on that day, right? Wrong. As a a matter of fact, anything that I had planned today did not happen. Sorry to be pessimistic but I’m assuming most of us have this issue. You plan a long run and it thunderstorms; your tempo run is side tracked by a happy hour request or,as someone once put it, “life happens to you”.

I had at one point two separate plans to run today. The first was with my friend, Bimpe, who is leaving for Rhode Island next week. Although I will miss her we did reschedule for a run tomorrow night. I also had plans to do hill repeats with my running partner, Katrina. Followed by a Beer Week celebratory drink. This did not happen either for several reasons. I did, however, make it to my 6pm kettle bell class so a good workout was achieved. And I have been getting in at least 3 days a week of running but not the caliber that I would like.

My wife and I had plans to take a walk to Whole Foods and that didn’t happen. No one is to blame and we both were a bit tired. I then sat down to brush up on my video editing skills in FCPX. It seems our internal drive’s memory was full so we cold not import the test files. OK. Remain Calm and… write a blog. If these chain of events are the worst that happen to me I will consider myself lucky. I’m not upset but I do find it interesting that all plans for today have failed to occur.

In other news, it is Philly Beer Week. I’m not sure how most of you runners feel about the topic but I love me some good craft beer. Another sticker like the one posted in the above picture could read , “I run so I can drink beer and eat cheese”. Because there’s a good amount of truth to that. I love it so much that I often ponder the idea of a duel blog: Beer and Running. Maybe I’ll host a 5k or 10k and call it “The Beer Run”. I’d get Victory and Yard’s to sponsor it. At every mile marker you sip a sample of beer. Maybe make it interesting and have each mile’s sample get larger in ounces. I’m sure there are similar events out there.

So tomorrow is a new day and I WILL run then. I will also do so over the weekend. The slump will not go on forever. It’s actually making me anxious to pound the pavement.

how my "running" day ended.

how my “running” day ended.



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