Memorial Day Run – The View from Wissahickon Trail

Memorial Day Run / Getting Over the “SLUMP”

It’s been a while since I posted anything in this blog. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been out running.Granted, my runs lately have yet to exceed 3 miles but last week I ran a total of 12 miles and this week roughly 8. It’s been 2 weeks since broad Street so some of that is giving myself rest. Not having any races in the near future allows you to not have a schedule to stick to. Last week I was good about getting out there and sticking to my old schedule.  I also did allow myself some liberty with eating and drinking over the holiday weekend. I’m a huge fan of craft beer and Philly has it a plenty. All in all my drinking of beer never exceeded 4 beers in a day so I’m not worrying about the weight.

Fake Race

I decided that I would set up a “race” 3 months from now. It’s not a real race but I will go out on the trail and run 10 miles. I will post my calendar on my desk wall and marker in my mileage, speed and type of run, just like I did for broad Street and the Half Marathon I did last year.That way, I will follow a schedule and continue to improve on my running, my speed, my form and my weight.I might run the Art Museum loop, which is a little over 8 miles and just add the extra 2. I might also decide on the Wissahickon trail instead. I know the summer months are hard to get any serious mileage in but I am persistent and I will go out and run. I might actually start getting up earlier and run in the morning.

Monday Run-day

So I had been trying to get together with my running partner, Katrina to get back into running. She came up with a brilliant suggestion for us to run the Wissahickon trail. Last time I was on that trail was 10 years ago on my bike! Her sister, Jess, came to pick me up at 10 am and we headed out towards the start of the trail. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day to run. the temperature was in the mid 60s and there was a slight but cool breeze in the air.

We did our best to stick together so speed was not an issue with this run.

“How many miles are you planning on running”, I text Katrina last night

“2? 8? 4? LOL”, was her reply

Very fitting since who knew how far we’d go on this beautiful day. Our pace was an average 11 minute pace but it didn’t matter. we weren’t going for speed but just to get out there and run and enjoy this day and the scenery.

The trail is gorgeous and for those of you who ave run it know how beautiful it is. The trail runs along the Wissahickon River and branches off into all types of cool little bike paths, running paths, narrow and wide. We saw families walking together, one of which was running with their 4 year old. Plenty of bikes giving you the courteous “on your left” signal. We even came across a few people riding horse back. We had a few “road apples” to dodge along that path.

I waited a while to look at my running APP. When I did I saw that we had run 2.2 miles. It was time to turn around. I know that next time we run this trail I can, and will, go for 6 miles but getting back on a regular running routine is required for that. We all felt like we could run forever but this was not a loops, it’s an out and back trail. I am so glad we ran today and I was thrilled to run with Katrina again. She’s a great motivator and super cheerleader for me.

Here are some pictures I took along the path:


2 responses to “Memorial Day Run – The View from Wissahickon Trail

  1. I’ve been missing your posts! Good work getting out for runs. I made one this weekend and that was my first in 2 wks. I can’t wait to shorten my commute and get more running time. I’m also a huge fan of the early morning run. I’ll wait to hear if you enjoy it as much as I do. Happy running!

    • Thanks,Meg! I am slowly trying to get in to the routine of early morning running. They say it benefits you in many ways, especially getting a good night’s sleep.

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