Cross Training : Sgt. Nate


Philadelphia's best fitness instructor, Sgt. Nate

Philadelphia’s best fitness instructor, Sgt. Nate

For the past 2 and a half years, every weekday I take my lunch break in Washington Square. I don’t bring my lunch nor do I bring a book to read. I bring a bottle of water, a yoga mat that won’t be used for yoga and I am dressed in gym clothes. For the next hour I will be sweating, grunting, running, and doing all types of plyometric, calisthenics. The man running this boat is Sgt. Nate. He runs a fitness business / program called Professional Touch Fitness which plays host to a series of Ranger Training Workouts, Ranger Training Boot Camps and Ranger Training Conditioning.
Referring back to my original post called “I’m a Runner” I talk about the lifestyle changes I made with quitting smoking and picking up running. It wasn’t long after that I had joined Sgt. Nate’s Ranger Training program. It’s based on military style boot camp training with the focus on using your own body instead of weights or resistance bands. Nothing against any of those gadgets but this program really utilizes your own body with exercises like burpees, lunge walk, decline push ups, doing dips off a park bench. And LOTS of running in between.
It took me 6 months to join this program. I hesitated out of fear. I pictured the drill Sargent from Full Metal Jacket yelling and screaming at me and calling me names like a disgusting fat body. Several of my co-workers, boss included, were attending his class. One in particular made it a point to ask me everyday if I was going.
“No, not today” I’d say
“We’ll, don’t come crying to me when you’re worried about losing weight.”
She meant well but I was gaining weight from quitting smoking. So finally, on November 1st,2010 I stepped onto Sgt. Nate’s playing field.
“Ok, Private Pyle”, I told myself, “you signed up for the month so just get through that.”
I was a nervous wreck until about ten minutes in I realized this man was not about to kill me. He was well aware of what my physical capabilities were and were not. If the group was doing 25 push ups, I was doing 10.
“Do what you can. Do what you will. Just as long as you do.” He can often be heard saying.
After a few months he was kind enough to treat me like the rest of the group. It was time to play with the big boys. No more push ups on my knees, no more scaling back on the repetitions.If I was starting to run before I joined Sgt. Nate’s PTF classes, I was perfecting it in his classes. Most days consist of a set of 25 – 40 (pick your poison) with a run either around the block (.4 miles) or a lap around the inside perimeter. (.1 miles)
While most of his classes are outdoors he has a few indoor classes that do utilize Kettle Bells, Resistance bands, weights, stability balls.and a lot more fun toys. You also get a nickname if you decide to stick around with the program. (just like the military) I got mine after one week: Madness.
While attempting some form of upper body torture workout I let out a maniacal laugh / grunt. The name has stuck since. For example, there’s a guy with the nickname “Newbie”. Newbie has been with the program longer than anyone else but the name sticks.
He gives all of his students a nutritional plan or advice, if you will. The thing that I learned quickly was that you were forced to eat properly if you wanted to perform these exercises. Here is my before and after evidence of how Sgt. Nate has helped me:
The before photo was taken during week 1 of me joining Professional Touch Fitness; the other I took just an hour ago:
If you are in the Philadelphia area I would highly recommend attending classes with Sgt. Nate at Professional Touch Fitness.
You can access his website by clicking HERE
Follow and “LIKE” PTF on FACEBOOK
And find exclusive videos on his TWITTER


A disciple of Sgt. Nate

Instructor kalika

Instructor Kalika

When I first joined the group back in November of 2010, one of my co-workers and friend, Kalika was taking the class. She had been with PTF for some time, maybe a year already and it was roughly a year later that she became a certified trainer and started teaching some of our classes. I’ve been fortunate enough to witness and be part of her first class teaching and she is already turned her career into a full time fitness instructor. She is also Bokwa certified! One of the classes PTF once offered was Bokwa. While I was often the only male attendee it was perfect to do after a long run or speed drills. Nothing like an hour of booty shake to sweat away the fat! And while she is a part of PTF you can find her teaching various classes through out the city and she also does private training.
Want to find out more about Bokwa? You can follow her on Twitter HERE

A Glimpse of What We Do at PTF during Ranger Training

Sgt. Nate has classes at 6 and 7 am; 12 noon at Washington Square, and 6 pm. See the link above for PTF’s monthly schedule and some new step aerobic classes that are just beginning.
Our group meets at noon since I work right around the block from Washington Square. The focus of today’s class was lower body with a bit of core and a lot of cardio. It was a beautiful day to take photos so Instructor Kaley was kind enough to shoot for me. There are some photos at the bottom that were taken yesterday during upper body day which ended with 5 laps around the block (2 miles)

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