The View From Today’s Run – Penn’s Landing

Easy Run. Last run before Broad Street Run

I have a feeling that the current weather, which has been ideal for running, will soon be gone and missed. Today has been the 3rd straight day of temperatures barely reaching 70, sunny, and not humid with a slight cool breeze. Today is also the last day I will run before Sunday’s Broad Street Run. I hate the taper week but I realize it is a and is wise to follow. I have put in over 2 months of 4-5 day a week training. I have mixed my runs up between easy, tempo, long and speed drills. I also got a cold virus and a stomach bug within 2 weeks of each other that affected my training plan. Such is life. I am ready for this. I’m a nervous wreck and I will be until my feet cross that starting line and I hear the buzz of my chip indicting “I’m In!”

This evening’s run was done with my running partner, Katrina. Katrina and I trained last fall for a half marathon. The last 4 races I ran I trained and ran with Katrina. She is not running Broad Street but will be part of the many faces cheering me on. It was her idea to run down to Penn’s Landing and back in what would end up being a perfect 3.1 mile run. We only had to stop twice for traffic so all-in-all it was a smooth run.

The view was gorgeous. We ran past the Moshulu, which Rocky sprints past in the first movie, along with other boats and a cool, blue Delaware River. We got a great view of the Ben Franklin Bridge and ended with a half mile run down Spruce Street back to our start at Chestnut.  I was pleased with our splits considering it was at an easy run pace.

  • 3.1 Miles     /    32:07 moving time
  • Mile 1 – 10:58
  • Mile 2 – 10:12
  • Mile 3 – 10:36



4 responses to “The View From Today’s Run – Penn’s Landing

  1. Can’t say ” break a leg” soooo you go guy! Can’t wait to cheer you on. We areso proud of you.

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