The View From Today’s Run – Tempo Run

Schuylkill River Trail Run – Boathouse Row Side – 4/30/13

It was another perfect running day. 66 degrees with a cool northern wind. If you were standing still you’d need a hoodie but for a good tempo run it was enough to break a sweat but cool enough to stay in the game. I contemplated skipping a run or maybe doing a 2-3 mile easy jog, but my friend, Bimpe, had asked me to go for a run with her. So my 2-3 mile easy pace run  turned into a sweet 4 mile tempo run; which I needed!I should also mention that less than a week away is the Broad Street Run. This is “taper week”. I skipped going to any Ranger Training classes this week. They are perfect for training but a good idea to skip when tapering for a big run. I skipped yesterday, ran today, will skip tomorrow and do my last run on Thursday.

I left my house to meet Bimpe. I ran the first mile slowly and through local traffic filled with red lights.While waiting for the light to change at Broad & Spring Garden I saw a guy wearing last year’s BSR shirt.

“Are you doing the run this year?” I asked

“I’m not sure”, he replied

“What do you mean you’re not sure?”

“Oh, I got in I’m just…not sure”

The remainder of or conversation included him telling me how fun it is, and the crowd cheering and downhill and lots of people. I wanted to press him more to find out what his reason of uncertainty was. I know a few friends who would gladly take his bib!

Once I met Bimpe there was no time to socialize. She was already moving and at a pace slightly faster than I was going. I can’t tell her to slow down. It wasn’t to fast for me, either. We decided to run down Spring Garden to the Art Museum path for a mile and back. I knew the total mileage would be 4 miles so i could mentally prepare for it.Once we got the Art Museum I decide we should run on the Kelley Drive / Boathouse Row side. My last 10 runs have been on the other side and while I prefer that side for various reasons (mostly the view and the fact that fewer people run it) I wanted a fresh path to take.Anyone who’s ever been on that side of the path knows it gets crowded. Even at 7:00 at night we were getting in the way of bikers and runners and dodging slow walkers and other runners. I love seeing that. This city gets a bad wrap for being a “fat” city so I say “TAKE THAT!” anytime I see a million people out there running.

We did a mile on the path and turned back home totaling 4 miles. When I left Bimpe at 18th Street I picked up my pace. I added an intense sprint for the last .4 miles. Not enough to smoke my legs but enough to get the heart rate going. I turned off my GPS app and slowly jogged back home.


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